ROK Grinder - Langsom
ROK Grinder - Langsom
ROK Grinder - Langsom
ROK Grinder - Langsom
ROK Grinder - Langsom


ROK Grinder


From ROK Kitchen Tools in the United Kingdom comes this hands-on, manual coffee grinder. We've found that just as with the ROK espresso maker, this coffee grinder provides you with more than just great coffee - this hands on experience connects you with the coffee that's ahead. As you pour your beans in the hopper and start to wind the handle, let the rich aromas of freshly ground coffee fill your nostrils and have you salivating even before your coffee hits your lips. 

With precision settings the ROK Coffee Grinder is perfect for all types of coffee from French press to Turkish - perfect for any maker that uses freshly ground coffee! The first revolution of the adjustment wheel has 12 settings. Turn it again for another 12 and more - The more you turn the coarser the grind. The grinder's handle turns with ease -  the ROK grinder requires less than half the revolutions of a standard manual grinder taking only about 30 seconds to grind a double espresso, the same time as a quality electric grinder.

We at Langsom love this grinder because it's everything we're about - quality design, quality construction, a manual approach to process and the deliverance of a perfect cup of coffee. Get grinding!

  • Double bearing drive shaft
  • Precision die cast aluminium body
  • Long handle for easy grinding
  • Agitator to ensure all beans are ground
  • Calibrated wheel to adjust coffee grind
  • Wide non-slip base for stability
  • Made in the UK