Campfire Incense - Langsom
Campfire Incense - Langsom
Campfire Incense - Langsom
Campfire Incense - Langsom
Campfire Incense - Langsom

Juniper Ridge

Campfire Incense

Juniper Ridge is the world’s only wild fragrance company. Based in California, the Juniper Ridge team distill colognes and perfumes from real plants, bark, moss, mushrooms, and tree trimmings found hiking the back country in the locations their scents are named after. They handle every step of the process themselves, from beginning to end.
Set the mood with these incense sticks that contain no charcoal or perfume - only 100% real leaves, wood and resins from the mountains and deserts of the American West. Instead of being sweet or perfumery, these incenses are much more natural and woodsy, like a campfire crackling in the night air. Light one up and let yourself be transported to the location where the ingredients were wild harvested:
  • Available in four scents:
    • Sweetgrass: Vanilla, fresh-cut grass, cinnamon bread baking in the oven (Northern California)
    • White Sage: Earth, sunlight on varnished desert rock, spicy resin (Desert Southwest)
    • Death Valley: cinnamon, desert campfire, woodstove (Desert Southwest)
    • Siskiyou: Warm ginger, spicy Cedar, driftwood, citrus, deep conifer forest, mountains and rivers without end (Pacific Northwest)
  • Pack of 20 sticks
  • Wildcrafted plants, tree sap, wood, and bamboo sticks
  • Made in Oakland, California, USA