21 Dry Skin | Face Toner | Geranium + Patchouli
21 Dry Skin | Face Toner | Geranium + Patchouli


21 Dry Skin | Face Toner | Geranium + Patchouli


A 100% natural face toner that boosts the effectiveness of face oil. This product is lightweight and suitable for dry skin and acts as a layer of protection from the environment. This product has a woodsy floral scent.

All WILL products are stripped down to the bare essentials:

    • Lightweight and quickly absorbed
    • No overpowering lingering scent
    • No artificial colouring
    • No sticky residue
    • No synthetic oils
    • No alcohol
30 mL

Made in Toronto, Canada

Prepare your skin to absorb face oil and retain moisture with WILL face toner. Our blend uses sandalwood floral water as a base, optimal for revitalizing dry skin, while also delivering Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C and folic acid to your skin. For optimal results, please use our essential oil-infused water blend after applying the Dry Skin Face Oil Serum.

Dry Skin Face Toner Boosts:

  • Geranium Essential Oil renews the look of aging skin while stimulating the lymphatic system
  • Patchouli Essential Oil reduces the appearance of scars and wounds.