ROK Kitchen Tools

The Espresso Maker and Grinder from ROK Kitchen Tools were designed by Patrick Hunt, and were first on our list when considering products for our drink category for a number of reasons. Overall, we believe that everything tastes better if you've created it yourself - the manual nature of grinding your own beans, preparing the coffee and extracting the espresso are exactly what we're about. The aromas of the ground coffee have us salivating before our cup of freshly made coffee has even reached our lips.

Beyond this, we love their urban style and design. Both items beyond their functionality are a design statement on your kitchen bench - as well as an impressive mechanical marvel. Ecologically, they are non-electric and produce no waste - which is a significant shortcoming of the popular pod style coffee makers. These manual products mean you can be creative and make coffee the way you like, and doesn't require any expertise - just a little practice to get your routine down!