/riːd/ To observe, and apprehend the meaning of (something written, printed, etc.)

Many sites will tell you that the books you display are the finishing touches to your interiors, and tell your guests about your varied interests and the untold depths of your nuanced appreciation for culture and design. We at Langsom realise that such an idea is (at best) aspirational, and have taken a different and perhaps radical aproach: READ THEM! 

We have curated a selection of premium quality books that align with the Langsom approach to life. We think they should be read, thought about and revisited from time to time. Whether you are interested in architecture, food and drink, photography and the outdoors or fashion, we are confident that there's something here to interest and intrigue you, simply be admired, or spark inspiration and action. Beyond reading them, we encourage you to read them actively -  perhaps jotting notes in the margins or adding post it notes to revisit later.