Juniper Ridge

Juniper Ridge is a a company that has carved out its own niche as a purveyor of all-foraged scents meant to evoke very specific bits of wilderness. Juniper Ridge doesn’t just want to fill your space with the smell of 'the outdoors' they want to transport the specific sensation of, say, meandering through Big Sur or being out in the Mojave Desert - via scent!

They formulate their wilderness scented products by distilling and extracting fragrance from wildflowers, plants, bark, moss, mushrooms, and tree trimmings harvested on the trail. All products are named for the wild places they come from. All Juniper Ridge products are 100% wildcrafted and produced using old perfume making techniques including distillation, tincturing, infusion and enfleurage - regardless of what that even means, we hope you'll be transported to the wilderness of the American west through the small range we're pleased to stock at Langsom.