Brio Solid Cologne - Langsom

Alfred Lane

Alfred Lane's story began when Archie Jeter and Rafael Hernandez met at a networking event in 2009. They shared a like-minded vision about business and creativity, and sought to recreate a product that elevated the essence of the true modern man.

Alfred Lane combines creative talent, technical expertise and an undying passion for quality in order to create this unique line of men’s solid colognes. Handcrafted in Chicago, Illinois and sourcing suppliers from the USA, they believe in the power and ingenuity of small business. 

We love Alfred Lane’s attention to detail, vintage packaging and careful craftsmanship of their solid colognes. Solid colognes are not a new concept and have been used since Egyptian times. This range is their unique take on an ancient product - but for the modern man.

Northern Hemisphere Star Chart - Langsom

Brainstorm Prints and Goods

Brainstorm is led by duo Briana and Jason, based in New Hampshire in an old mill building. Their prints often cover subjects like science, the outdoors, food, and travel. When they're not making nice drawings or working the printing press, they like to climb mountains. Do yourselves and your walls a favour and check out the range we've selected for you.



/ˈkæri/ To convey from one place to another in a vehicle, ship, pocket, hand, etc.

Whether its your keys, your hard earned or your most important gear, you should carry it with style and simplicity. When out at a bar or taking your boss for lunch, that velcro ninja turtle wallet isn't as cute as you thought when you bought it. The selection here is functional and durable, yet sophisticated and handsome as statement pieces for your everyday carry.

Dimpled Whisky Tumblers - Oregon Brown Clay - Langsom

Covet and Ginger

We first met Kim, the talented ceramicist behind Covet and Ginger, at the Portland Saturday markets when travelling in the USA. Kim lives in Portland Oregon with her husky, Birna, and rents a studio space where she creates her masterpieces - cups, mugs, tumblers and so on! Her work has a real organic, earthy look, and are simple, smooth and feel natural in your hands - when holding you feel the intent and care that went into their creation. We loved her pieces so much we've shipped a select range out to Australia.



/drɪŋk/ To swallow water or other liquid; imbibe.

Whether you fancy yourself as a mixologist creating that perfect cocktail, pouring a neat whisky as a nightcap, or starting your day with coffee, we believe that everything tastes better when you've made the effort to make it yourself. From tools to help you make coffee the 'Langsom' way, stylish drinkware or earthy ceramics, we've got you covered whatever your vice.

Leather Double Wrap Bracelet - Langsom

Ezra Arthur / Bison

Ezra Arthur (Formerly Bison) are based in Phoenix Arizona, where all products are handcrafted using the highest quality leathers. Bison products are dependable keepsakes that look as great as they last. They use no plastic, rubber, glue or lining. With regular use and proper care, you’ll find Bison products only get better with age - because they really are designed for life.